WiiPad up for Pre-order

Looks ┬álike another tablet has hit the market, but this time it sports a 10.1″ screen – the same real estate as the iPad. It will be shipping with a ZTChip8080 CPU, which the manufacturer says clocks in at 1.0-1.4ghz, but no word on whether this is combined DSP and CPU speeds. There is a standard 2GB onboard, with an SD port to add more space, and the nice thing about this is it comes with 256mb of ram instead of the usual bare-minimum 128mb. The 2400mAH, 7.4V Lithium Ion Battery is said to hold a charge of 5 hours while using Wifi, and it’s also supposed to support external 3G dongles. It’s on sale right now on the WiiPad site for $231 with no onboard memory, not a terrible deal considering the speed. My only issue is how similar it looks to the iPed/Apad/iRobot clones out there (could be the same thing), and you have no way of verifying specs until the unit is actually released. If you can ignore the spelling mistakes and still have the need to purchase one, check out the link below.

Purchase: WiiPad

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