WiiPad Olio

So, the videos I posted a few days ago are from a development unit that will be coming to the market soon as a finished product, called the WiiPad Olio. Right now it’s only sold as a development device, with no housing and the boot loader, kernel, and OS on a MicroSD card. I don’t know about you, but the opportunity to play with that alone is almost worth the $550 early-plunge price. The Olio itself, once it’s done, won’t cost as much, thankfully, but in terms of specs will match the iPad more closely than anything that is for sale right now.

I wrote a bit about their other product that is upcoming, the WiiPad Neno, and have a bit more information about that, too. The company has a giveaway coming up, and we will be partnering with a few other sites to give away some units. All you have to do right now is “like” their facebook page, or follow them on twitter, and you’ll get more information on there.


WiiPad Facebook Page

WiiPad Twitter

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