Verizon will roll out Galaxy Note 7 battery killing update after all

It looks like the few remaining Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners on Verizon will get that promised battery killing update after all. The carrier has quietly confirmed it will roll out that update on January 5, after previously stating it would not be participating in Samsung’s update program┬ádesigned to encourage Note 7 owners to turn in the recalled device.

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3 days ago

Last week, Verizon stated flat out it would not be releasing the update that Samsung has created for all Note 7 phones in the US that are still in circulation. The update will not allow the phone to charge its battery after it is applied, which will basically make the smartphone useless. At the time, Verizon said its decision not to release the update was due to its view that it will offer “added risk” to its Note 7 owners that don’t have another device to switch to.

Now, the carrier’s support page for the Note 7 has shown a change of heart, stating the update will indeed be pushed out on its network on January 5. Verizon stated it is waiting until that date so that Note 7 owners can “contact family, first responders, and emergency medical professionals during the holiday travel season.”

Samsung said it will release the Note 7 battery killing update on December 19, with T-Mobile following suit on December 27. AT&T will join Verizon and roll out the update on January 5, while Sprint plans to do the same on January 8.

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