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Update (04/02/17): As expected, Google has finally put the kibosh on Map Maker. The company says it’ll continue to bring more Map Maker features to Google Maps, but from this point on, Map Maker as we know it is gone for good.

Original post (11/08/16): Google Map Maker, the online tool that allowed anyone to add or edit in Google Maps, is closing its doors. The company stated that it will be retired sometime in March 2017. However, its map editing features will be integrated in future versions of Google Maps.

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2 weeks ago

In a forum post, Google stated:

This update will enable us to focus on providing the best editing and moderation experience within Google Maps on both desktop and on mobile. We’ll continue to roll out new features to make sure you’re able to do most of the things you’ve grown accustomed to doing in Map Maker – like edit roads – leading up to March 2017 and after.

The posted added that starting today, any edits made on Google Maps won’t be available for moderation on Google Map Maker, in an effort to speed up the time for edits to be published.

Google Map Maker launched in 2008, with the idea of giving anyone a chance to edit and suggest fixes for items like roads, places and more in Google Maps. Unfortunately, the service got a bit of a black eye in 2015, when it was discovered that someone used Google Map Maker to post an image of the Android mascot urinating on an Apple logo in Google Maps, Google apologized and quickly shut down Map Makers’s auto-approval and user moderation features. It brought back the service later that year, but with more curated moderation on approvals.

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