Uber’s new Freight app matches truck drivers with loads to haul

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Uber is expanding into the trucking industry with a freight service that matches truckers with loads to haul. It’s a simple idea that can help companies quickly find new clients and grow their business. If it catches on, that is.

Here’s how it works: you download the Uber Freight app on your Android or iOS device, search for a load, and book it with a simple tap. A confirmation is then sent to you within seconds.

As for the payment, it seems like you won’t have to wait a long time to receive funds after you complete the job — Uber claims you’ll get your money within seven days, without any fees.

With its new service, Uber will also make sure you get compensated when you encounter unexpected delays or when things don’t go according to plan. You can check out the rates the company is offering below.

On paper, Uber Freight has the potential to change the trucking industry. In order to become successful, though, Uber needs to get a lot of companies on board in a short period of time — businesses probably won’t be interested in the service if there aren’t enough jobs to choose from across the country.

If you want to try out Uber Freight, head over to the company’s website to sign up via the button below. Keep in mind that the service is only available in the US for now, though.

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