Traitor – Valkyrie Plan is a new FPS game based on a true WWII story

traitor-valkyrie plan

Plenty of First-Person Shooter games crowd the Google Play Store, but very few of them catch our attention like Traitor – Valkyrie Plan did. It has a touch of history, realistic effects and plenty of action to keep you on your toes for hours.

Traitor – Valkyrie Plan is especially exciting because it follows a true story from World War 2, known as the “July Plot”. The game tells the story of a renegade German Army officer who turns against Hitler. The story develops after Colonel Claus is found wounded in North Africa, when he decides to become a hitman. You can imagine what happens after that… or you can just play the game and find out!



Just like the plot, the game is very realistic by nature. The user will have access to real weapons, which he can use in an environment full of advanced graphics and sophisticated lighting. In addition, character movements and firing effects are as true-to-life as they get in a mobile FPS game.

Gamers will need to use stealth, disguise and hand-to-hand assassination. There’s plenty of entertainment packed in this nifty app, making you realize that $1.53 price-point is really nothing to complain about.

Developer PigFrog Entertainment states they have worked very hard to make this game run smoothly on Android devices, but they have also provided a test version of the game (Traitor LITE) for those who want to test its performance before forking out some cash. We think this is a worthy game, so you should at least give it a test by downloading the LITE version.

Have any of you been playing it? What do you think of it?

Traitor LITE
Traitor – Valkyrie Plan

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