Toshiba launches thinnest 13MP camera module ever at 4.7mm thin

Toshiba 13MP CMOS sensor

If you think you’ve already seen the thinnest smartphones and tablets ever, think again. Toshiba has just finished putting together what is currently the world’s thinnest 13-megapixel camera module, which means that compatible devices can soon be made even thinner than they already are. Future devices might measure in with impressive sub-5mm thin profiles, to be exact.

Toshiba’s newest camera module, called the TCM9930MD, features a 13-megapixel CMOS image sensor and a pixel size of just 1.12μm in a 4.7mm-thin profile. So it’s both thin and small, meaning it can be put to use on future models of smartphones and tablets while hardly registering much of a footprint at all. Toshiba has been working with 13MP camera sensors for mobile devices since 2012.

According to information coming from Toshiba itself, it is made with a total of four plastic lenses, which is what helps to make it as slim as it is. Also, it uses a dedicated signal processing circuit in order to improve its overall lens performance and make sure it functions well even at a small size.

Right now, this new 13-megapixel camera module from Toshiba is not in production yet. But Toshiba is schedule to start shipping samples of the same at some point in May for ¥7,000 or about $74 a piece. And as for mass production, it will begin in December of this year.

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