This Weekend Only: Save Big on Coding Courses (70% off everything!)

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It’s Autodidact Weekend over at Tech Deals, and in celebration the company is letting Android Authority readers in on a pretty sweet offer.

From now through Sunday, you can save massively on some of the hottest online courses on the web.

If your New Year’s Resolution involved committing yourself to learning how to code, hack, or develop websites, then this is a weekend you can’t afford to miss out on!

Get 70 percent off your entire cart filled with online courses when you check out using the coupon code LEARN70.

This coupon code applies to all courses in your cart, so if you really want to save big, scoop up multiple courses at once!

Here are our favorites, but there are many more:

The Complete Android N Developer Course – Build 17 Apps

Beloved online instructor Rob Percival has crafted the second-most popular online developer course around (the most popular one is actually for iOS, and is also by Percival).

Learn how to make your own apps as you’re walked through 17 increasingly complex projects that teach you everything you need to know about developing for Android from scratch!

Check it Out!

The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

Not surprising to see Rob Percival again on this list, now teaching you how to build websites! The internet is only going to get bigger, and companies need savvy developers to get their websites up and running.

Could be the start of a total career change!

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Certified White-Hat Hacker and Penetration Testing Course

In a time when many people are concerned about their jobs, there’s one field that keeps getting bigger and bigger: security experts. In fact, there aren’t enough white-hat hackers to go around, so many of these internet BAMFs are commanding salaries of upwards of $100,000.

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Become a Professional Python Programmer

Python is one of the most versatile languages out there, and it’s becoming increasingly popular among AI and machine learning experts.

Even if you’re not interested in that field, you can also use python for web development, data analytics, game development, or even controlling robots! Learn how today!

Check it Out!

CentOS and Red Hat Linux Certified System Administrator Course

Even if you don’t have any Linux experience, this learning kit can get you up and running to be a full systems admin. In addition to showing you the ropes, this course also preps you for the RHCSA exam, so you can get certified and start marketing yourself as an employable admin right away!

Check it Out!

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