The Sinotech 7-inch Android 2.1 Tablet

It’s becoming almost old-hat for a Chinese manufacturer to promote its tablet device as an iPad clone but when Sinotech does it with their new Android device it’s pretty silly. The Sinotech slate being referred to here is pictured above and as you can see bears no resemblance to the 9.7″ Apple iPad, at least not anywhere as close as the TESO LPad-10 does. Right now Sinotech hasn’t said exactly what they plan for this tablet’s official name to be.

This Android tablet is based on the ARM 11 platform and uses a 7 inch touchscreen. Under the shell there’s a 800 MHz Telechips 8902 chip, 256MB ROM, 4GB Flash storage and the specs list also includes a mini USB and HDMI port. This tablet does support 1080p HD video even though the screen is limited to a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The price, name and launch date are a mystery but this tablet is coming for sure and will run Android 2.1 OS when released.

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