The new Gear VR pre-orders are now live on Amazon

Samsung Gear VR pre-orders Amazon

If you’ve got a hankering for the new Gear VR with USB Type-C connection, you can pre-order one on Amazon right now for $99.99. Even if you have an existing Samsung Galaxy device with microUSB connection, the fancy new Gear VR is backwards compatible via an included adapter.

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The Gear VR officially launches on August 19 alongside the new Galaxy Note 7, but if you’re only in the market for anew VR headset you can sign up via the button below. Besides the nice new midnight blue color, the new Gear VR is more comfortable to wear during long-haul VR sessions. You’ll also get a slightly wider field of view (from 96 to 110 degrees), a redesigned touchpad and additional home button.

If you haven’t pulled the trigger on a Gear VR headset yet and want to get in on the first wave of Gear VR-C inventory, then you might want to hit that pre-order button now. As Samsung has noted in both South Korea and North America, pre-order demand has been higher than expected.


Will you be buying a new Gear VR? What’s your favorite VR title so far?

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