The Mystery Megahertz

Just posting this as a warning to any would-be buyers. It is really important that you do your research before you buy, and make sure you know what you’re getting. I’ll make it known right now that not one single device that I emailed about was advertised at under 600mhz, and I won’t buy without first getting them to test the device – here’s a few snippets of responses I have received:

Yes we run the apk. But I found sth strange. The application says the CPU is 300M, we rechecked the CPU provider Rock Chip it is 600M and one more DSP decode. I am not sure who is correct but we are going to promote it as 600M same as before, the speed is much better than 300M.

I was still asked to promote the company selling the device. Obviously, I’m not going to promote or slag the company, as they are just a reseller, but you have to be honest with the people you are doing business with. Here’s another:

Hi.friends. i have test use the program you send me.the ram is 128M.3GB HDD,and 300Mhz CPU.have front camera,wifi but not bluetooth .

Yet again, another:

The CPU  now is 300MHz, because it is new listed products,we have to wait some time the system will upgrade.Please understand.

It’s like a record player – the factories are churning out these devices, advertising higher specs, and the resellers are buying them up like crazy hoping to make good money selling to the international market. In China, the English saying they use is “the cargo was robbed empty”, implying that it sold quickly. I have met a friend, however, who is new to the market, and he gave me some good advice; the products on the market right now are immature at best, it’s probably best to wait until next month at the earliest to even consider buying.

Just my take on the whole thing, but I know you will all be just as anxious as I was to get your hands on a piece of Android tablet shwag, so dig into your pockets and stick with something accessible for now; perhaps the new Archos.

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