The Ion Belt – wear your battery pack around your waist


Smartphones are useful, even necessary, but most of us are haunted by the dreaded charging woes which come with such powerful and portable computing devices. The situation has definitely been improving, but even fast charging is not enough for the street warrior who finds it a nuisance to be continuously tethered to an outlet.

Many of us carry around special battery packs (here are our favorites) to aid our smartphone lifetime, but these can be bulky. And even if you find a compact one, it’s just something else you have to worry about. I am not sure about you, but I am always forgetting those darn things. This is why the industry is beginning to adopt wearable battery packs, so to speak, and the Ion Belt is one of the most interesting we have seen as of late.

It’s literally what it sounds like – a belt. But this special accessory just so happens to sport a 3000 mAh battery you can use for charging any USB-powered gadget. There is an actual full USB port at the end of the belt, and you can charge it by plugging the buckle pin into any USB outlet. It even has a light indicator to show you how much charge is available.

The concept is quite simple, but that is really what makes this such a good idea. The Ion Belt does very little, and that’s how any portable charger should be. It also helps that the product looks like any other belt you see around people’s waists. Fine leather and polished buckles adorn it, making it blend into any outfit perfectly.


By the way, the USB port is conveniently placed at the end of the belt. This means you could simply plug your phone in and carry it around in your pocket!

Interested? The project seems like the perfect Kickstarter candidate, and you would be right if you guessed that’s where it is being offered. Ion Tech Wear is looking to get this belt out the door by using the popular crowdfunding service. They currently sit at over $28,000 out of the $50K goal. With 39 days to go, though, we are sure it will hit the market.

Early bird specials go for as low as $79, so go sign up!

See the Ion Belt on Kickstarter

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