The beautiful, hand-drawn Banner Saga 2 marches onto Android

Banner Saga 2

The Banner Saga is starting a new chapter on the Android platform. The sequel to the popular first game, Banner Saga 2 has finally arrived on Android devices with a bunch of enhancements.

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If you have regularly followed the original, you are sure to pick up where you left off, as Banner Saga 2 allows you to carry over characters from the first game. Those who are new to the game, however, could worry that they might not be able to handle the sequel. Fortunately, Banner Saga 2 includes a cinematic clip for the players to recap the story.

Banner Saga 2 begins in a near apocalyptic setting following the victory of humans and the gang of varl over Bellower. The triumph seems to have failed to set things straight as the world is on the verge of collapse. The player will have the responsibility to steer the course of the game plot through a mix of decision-making and virtual combat skills.

banner saga 2

Versus Evil, the game’s publisher, added a new set of characters to the game, including a Centaur species called Horseborn. Some improvements to the sequel game include upgraded turn-based battles and RPG upgrades. Hand-drawn graphics and a score created by Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory will draw you in the Banner Saga world.

If the first game captivated your heart, or if you’re looking for a great new game to try, hit the button below and download the sequel from the Play Store for $4.99.

Download Banner Saga 2 from the Play Store

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