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I wanted to share this information with everyone – I use this piece of software on my Blackberry called “Tether”, which is currently in the beta stages for the Android. It is, in a nutshell, a proxy that allows your laptop to access the internet via your Blackberry. It works over USB or bluetooth, and on some networks you can get up to 21mbps as your connection speed, depending on your carrier. Just to be clear, this is not “tethering” in the traditional sense, as your cellphone carrier only sees another app trying to access their network. It will use your data package, and rather quickly, so you need to a good plan at your disposal. The one thing I’m trying to find out from them is whether they will support Android as a client rather than a host (I consider my blackberry to be the host, and the PC is the client). If you have an Android smartphone, sign up below!

Update: I’ve been in touch with Tim, support specialist at Tether, and he confirms “that developers want to expand Tethers functionality to many other devices, and as Android devices gain steam the need for connectivity support will also.” – This means that in the future Android devices may be able to be both a host and a client, possibly through bluetooth. I can’t wait.

Manufacturer: Tether
Sign up for beta: Here

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