T-Mobile offers unlimited high-speed data in Europe and free in-flight Wi-Fi to all

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T-Mobile is offering its U.S. customers that travel to Europe this summer a very nice offer: unlimited high-speed data at no extra cost throughout the Continent (you’ll have to have the data plan in the first place though). That means no matter where you go – from Barcelona and Rome, to Berlin, Paris or London – you can plow through your data limit at the highest available speed without paying extra for it.

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It’s all part of T-Mobile’s “Summer Unleashed” promotion, with the Un-carrier declaring itself the “Official Sponsor of Summer”. There’s a massive 140 countries on T-Mobile’s ever-growing list of countries where you can enjoy roaming-free data and 20 cent-per-minute calls. But the summertime good vibes aren’t just restricted to T-Mobile customers either.

T-Mobile is also offering Verizon and AT&T customers one hour of free in-flight Wi-Fi this weekend.

Free in-flight Wi-Fi this weekend

T-Mobile is also offering Verizon and AT&T customers one hour of free in-flight Wi-Fi this weekend. This weekend, passengers on any domestic flight with the Gogo service for in-flight Wi-Fi can enjoy one hour for free, on T-Mobile. That’s 33,000 in- and out-bound flights: a very sporting summer offer if ever I’ve heard one.

Of course, the idea is to let customers on other networks know just how good it is to be a T-Mobile subscriber, as T-Mo users get a free hour of in-flight Wi-Fi on all flights, as well as free messaging and texts for the entire flight, every time they fly.

Check out the list of destinations covered by the high speed data offer here (valid for Simple Choice customers between July 1 and August 31) and find out more about claiming that free in-flight Wi-Fi here.

What are your thoughts on this offer? Would you switch to T-Mobile for it?

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