Sprint is launching a new ‘unlimited’ plan with less throttling

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Today Sprint announced the launch of their Unlimited Freedom Premium plan, a plan that’s pretty obviously supposed to make up for the heinous restrictions that plagued their previous “unlimited” approach to data. Although Sprint will still throttle you on this plan, the rate at which they do it will be much less than before.

For instance, you can now stream videos at up to 1080p resolution. The previous package would cap you out at 480p. What’s more is that music streaming is actually pretty reasonable, flowing to your ears at 1.5 Mbps. For most users, that’s enough not to even really notice the effects of throttling.

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Gaming data will be capped at 8 Mbps. This is up from the 2 Mbps of the plan’s predecessor, but frankly still isn’t a whole lot for hardcore gamers.

Sprint’s plan comes in response to T-Mobile’s similar approaches to data. The “Uncarrier” has been approaching the way they bill for data in a variety of aggressive ways that are kind of forcing other carriers to offer similar solutions or risk losing subscribers to Magenta.

Check out the full details of the plan by heading over to Sprint’s announcement page. Do you think this plan is worth the $80 price tag for a single line? Is this the kind of service you’re looking for with Sprint? Let us know your take in the comments below!

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