Sprint deals – Sprint offering its $90 a month unlimited plan for up to 5 lines


Sprint continues to improve upon its unlimited plan promotion that it first launched in late January. Back then, it announced a $50 a month unlimited plan for call, texts and data that covered one line. It also offered a $90 a month unlimited plan for two lines, with each additional line costing $30 a month.

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4 weeks ago

Today, Sprint announced a modification to that special deal. You can still get that $50 a month plan for one line, and $90 a month for two lines, but now you can add up to three more lines to the account and still pay just $90 a month. Yes, that does mean the third, fourth and fifth lines are now free to add with this deal.

The bad news is when you read the fine print. If you sign up for this promotion, the $90 a month price for up to five lines will only last until March 31, 2018. After that, your first line will go up to $60 a month, and the second line remains at $40 a month. Each additional line will also go back up to $30 a month. So you might want to plan accordingly.

In addition, keep in mind the promotional price assumes you will be using the company’s AutoPay system to pay your Sprint bills. Finally, the “unlimited” data part of this promotion will include some throttling. Video streaming is limited to 480p resolution under this deal, and music streaming is also limited to 500kbps. Playing streaming games is limited to 2Mbps.

Sprint will let you sign up for this new promotion until March 31, so you have about a month and a half to make a decision. Frankly, even with this deal lasting just a year, and with its throttling limits, it’s an excellent discount if you have a bunch of family and friends that you want to include on your wireless plan.

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