Slugterra: Dark Waters game launches on the Google Play Store


Have you ever watched Slugterra? This Canadian animated series has managed to get very popular since its 2012 launch. It’s been airing for a few years now and a new season is coming, but few of us knew the franchise’s next step was going to be mobile gaming.

Developer Apps Ministry put together a pretty fun game based on the show. Slugterra: Dark Waters is an action-packed shooting game with 13 levels, 10 unique enemies and many, many slugs.


For those who need a reminder or may not be familiar with the series, Slugterra follows a story line based on an underground world deep under our feet. This subterranean location has people, villages, amazing technology and slugs.

What are slugs? These creatures are cute little pets, but they are much more than they seem. They are also living ammo, as you can shoot them out of your blaster and use their unique abilities to protect the underground world.


Pretty interesting, right? The game is looking to be just as fun as the cartoon, too. You would take control of the main character, Eli Shane, in order to protect the 99 caverns from Dr. Blakk. This evil character wants to gain control of the subterranean lands by giving slugs “dark water” a substance that turns them into evil weapons.

Want in on the action? You can download Slugterra: Dark Waters straight from the Google Play Store today. The game is free to play, but does offer in-app purchases to speed up your progress and upgrade your slugs. Have a blast and hit the comments to tell us how you are enjoying the new game!

Download Slugterra: Dark Waters from the Google Play Store

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