Sirius XM launches Android App

Sirius XM has launched an application for Android phones, but for some unknown reason the company decided to fore go the Android Market to do so.

The Sirius XM satellite radio company has been making moves to get applications out for all of the major mobile phone platforms so you can get more value out of your subscription.  However, there has been one odd trend where the application for the iPhone went through the normal App Store, but BlackBerry and Android users have to install from a website.

This trend first appeared with the BlackBerry, and today Android users are being told to go to, enter their e-mail address associated with their phone, and then they are e-mailed a link of where to download the app. The next issue that pops up is the security on the phones is set to not install apps from anywhere other than the official Market, so you have to turn off your security temporarily to do so.

Why SiriusXM is going this route is a mystery, my guess is they have either not been approved in the marketplace yet or they haven’t even tried. Keep in mind the link above is a 7-day trial, only, and the link is hard-coded with a hash that identifies the email address downloading it.

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