Samsung Wins Patent For Dual Screen Tablet

Samsung Dual Screen Tablet

Are the days of single screen tablets are numbered? Samsung, the South Korean technological giant that has been making waves in the smartphone space, has recently been awarded a patent for a ‘dual screen design for a terminal for portable mobile communication’.

The design that was filed for patent features two 7-inch tablets attached by a hinge to create a clamshell-style dual screen tablet. It also has a remote control device, which is reportedly a business-oriented tool meant for use during presentations or other business related endeavors. The patent, numbering D658173, was filed on last April 7 and names Kim Dong-Hun as the inventor.

The addition of a second screen has several serious implications for power users and multitask fanatics. With the bottom screen being used as a virtual keyboard and the top one as word processing app, it’s easy to see why. That being said, the joys of non-tactile typing a la ASUS Transfomer won’t be there, folks. Other dual-screen devices have also been launched but the differences are vast in one aspect; its popularity.

The Sony Tablet P, which featured a rounded outer shell, meant that it never lay flat. While Sony marketed it as a do all device, the truth is that it is old news by now. The second device known for its dual screens is the Nintendo DS, which is used popularly for gaming.

This is not the first time that we have seen a dual-screen design for Android. Among less commercial examples, there is the Kyocera Echo, which failed to do well. While the Tablet P from Sony was one of the first tablets to feature the dual-screen aspect, folks have complained that – because of its rounded, clamshell design – is difficult to use on a flat surface. Although the Sony Tablet P wasn’t really designed for business purposes to begin with. But have you seen this device below?


While the video above is just of a concept, it goes to show you that our mobile devices are continually pushing the envelope of utility and design. Do you like what you see?

So, the idea that Samsung could release a more business-centric tablet could be plausible and will most likely be welcomed. While nothing suggests that a tablet like this is in the works, the idea of a well implemented dual-screen tablet would certainly be nice. The details received so far indicate of a device that targets the business class, something that Samsung has not done yet with its tablets.

The dual screen Android, by Imerj

Samsung has always encouraged innovation and this is especially true when it comes to screen size and quality. The Galaxy Note is a perfect example, what with its 5.3-inch screen and the fact that it really spurred the push for the ‘phablet’ design, like LG‘s Optimus VU.

Samsung looks to push the innovation envelope again if their recent patent is any indication. The patent surely brings along a large number of possibilities as to what Samsung could possibly be doing with it. Only time will tell as what the next Samsung tablet will look like.

Any thoughts? Would you get a dual screen device if it had a nice thin bezel, and kept a slim profile? What would be the perfect size? Galaxy Note style, or something larger?

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