Samsung Gear S3 Frontier delayed on Verizon for two more months

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier was supposed to launch on Verizon Wireless alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus on April 21st. Verizon has since come out to say that this launch has been delayed “due to unforeseen circumstances.” It’s expected that the new launch date will be closer to the end of Q2.

It is unclear what the reason is behind the delay, but it must be substantial if it will take an additional two months. It must be noted that both Verizon and Sprint are currently out of Gear S3 stock. Both these companies run CDMA networks, so the delay could be related to getting LTE working on their network. Meanwhile, T-Mobile, which runs a GSM network, is currently on backorder for the Gear S3 watches. Backorders will only delay shipments to customers for about a week so it is possible that there are supply constraints.

The Samsung Gear S3 and S3 Frontier are fantastic smartwatches that seem to tick all the right boxes. The Frontier model allows for an LTE connection and comes with a rubber band, targeting a more active lifestyle. The classic S3 lacks the ability to connect to an LTE network yet, but comes with a premium leather band that could attract the more fashion-minded. Both models support band swapping. Check out our review of the Gear S3 to see some of the unique features of the watch.

Gear S3 prices have not been announced on the Big Red carrier yet. Verizon stays that if you have a promotional offer for the Gear S3, it is still redeemable while the launch is delayed. Hopefully customers that have already pre-ordered this product have been given the option to consider other options. Waiting two extra months can be quite a long time.

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