Samsung Galaxy Tablet leaked

Not entirely sure if that’s the official name, yet, but with Samsung behind it, it’s sure to be slick.

The Latest Good E-Reader News has a twitter confirmation from that not only is Samsung releasing 3 tablets by the end of the year, including the Samsung S Padbut they have posted a new image of new 7 inch Android Tablet called the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The South African Development team working on all 3 Samsung Tablets did a follow up Tweet that said “This particular one is a 7″ model and has a high-res TFT screen. At the top-end it has a 3.5mm jack”

No other details were given at this time, but we can see that this Tablet maintains Samsungs TouchWiz UI. We can also see from the picture that it will take a SIM card, so it will be compatible with 3G and WI-FI, and has a MicroSD Icon.

We are happy that more known companies such as Acer, Samsung, and HP are all developing tablets. At Computex this year, we could not walk anywhere without bumping into tablets. For the most part, they were cheap Chinese offerings with plastic cases, and toting a sub $200.00 Price tag.

The Korean Herald Reported today that Samsung will release the sPad tablet in Korea in August. Then in October it will release their 8 Inch tablet, then in December, it will release their 10 Inch Tablet. There is no word yet on Specs for anything but the sPad, other then most will run Google Android.

It is unknown at this time, whether or not the Galaxy Tab is the renamed sPad, but it would make sense, considering the sPad was also thought to be 7 inches, and Samsung does not have two 7 inch tablets in their pipeline. Given most other companies changes their tablet name from Pad, such as the WePad by Neofonie, now called the WeTab, this would make sense.

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