Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE gets the teardown treatment


Folks, the next set of images aren’t for the faint of heart. You may want to cover your eyes now if you can’t stand the sight of one helluva sexy tablet being stripped bare to the bone. The warning obviously doesn’t apply for people who get a kick out of seeing these tech porn delights.

What we have here is the teardown of that fine piece of tablet known as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE. Usually we have to wait for third-party companies, such as iFixit, to do the dirty deed. But Samsung now knows there’s clearly a market for this kind of perverse excitement, so they’ve decided to do the teardown treatment on their own.

Check out the dissected pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE and accompanying descriptions below.


Thin is the theme, so you can see how the touch screen is printed on the super AMOLED Plus panel to keep the tablet slim, while the front cover uses magnesium. To further maximize space, the camera, speaker and other parts have been modularized. The reinforced glass of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE ensures that it can withstand shock and scratches. Samsung increased the border of the rear cover by 0.1mm to reduce camera protrusion. Unlike its other cousins, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE uses a metal back cover.


It’s hard to imagine how something so little could contain so many parts. The mainboard of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 is home to over 1,000 parts, namely the Gyro sensor, internal storage, LTE chip, and that all-important 1.5GHz dual core chip.

Here you see how the sum of Galaxy Tab 7.7 parts contributes to the greater whole of the tablet, from the tiny 2MP front camera, the 3MP rear camera and its flash module, to the light-sensor module. The area where the antenna and stereo speakers are is also equipped with a vibration motor, because playing games without some rumbling action just isn’t as fun.

Crowned as the king of long-lasting tablet, you don’t have to wonder anymore how the super high-capacity battery of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE looks like. Feast your eyes on the 5100mAh battery and be amazed how something so thin can provide more than 10 hours of juice power.

There you have it – all the bells and whistles that made Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE one the best Android tablets around.

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