President of Mobile Communications describes his plans for Samsung in 2016

Today in the Samsung Newsroom, Mobile Communications President Dongjin Koh sat down to discuss what he sees happening for Samsung over the course of 2016 and beyond. Although Koh is new to the position as of December of last year, he originally joined the company all the way back in 1984. His long experience with Samsung informs his perspective of its corporate atmosphere, goals, and history.

Koh describes how the mobile industry is entering a new era of maturity, with our mobile devices becoming an essential part of our lives rather than a novelty or luxury. He expresses his interest in innovation, saying, “We should try something new. Something that has never been done before.” Although it’s sometimes difficult for massive corporate entities like Samsung to approach their consumer-base in a human way, Koh indicates that he has a vision that puts customer experience first. His approach is to attempt to listen, first and foremost. Only by paying attention to user feedback will the company be able to provide relevant products and features in this rapidly evolving market.

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Although it’s true that the smartphone market is cooling on a global scale, and that technological advances and scrappy upstarts are making the mobile industry increasingly unpredictable, Koh stressed that Samsung’s attitude is not one of fear, and that he wants to push forward initiatives that embrace new ways of thinking, new bold approaches. “Our Galaxy brand philosophy is to try new things, new inventions,” says Koh. “A great example is the Samsung Galaxy Note, which opened the so-called Phablet market.”

With the official unveiling of the Galaxy S7 at MWC looming, the device is on everyone’s minds. Samsung has begun releasing a series of absurdist commercials to tease fans and hype up the excitement, but Koh says very little about the company’s new flagship device in the interview. “Galaxy S7 is created to deliver a unique mobile experience in many ways,” he says. “I can’t wait for our customers’ feedback.”

What do you think of Koh’s vision for Samsung in 2016? Is this descriptive of the company as you see it now or wishful thinking of what it may become? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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