Possible Sony Xperia tablet passes through FCC

Android devices have struggled in a tablet market dominated by Apple’s iPad. Even though some reports suggest that Android tablets are on the rise, spearheaded by the Amazon Kindle Fire and the recently released Nexus 7, a true iPad competitor is yet to arrive. Not for a lack of effort, of course. Companies like ASUS, Samsung, Acer, and Sony have some amazing high-end tablets available or on the way, but none have caught the public’s attention the way the iPad did.

Sony has been having a bad time in the highly competitive smartphone arena, but is hoping for a better time when it comes to the tablet world. There have been a lot of rumors of Sony’s tablet releases, such as the successor of the Tablet S that was spotted at FCC last month. Only a few days later, we got wind of another Sony tablet, courtesy of some leaked specs and pricing information, which many expect to be the Sony Xperia tablet.

Adding to the speculation is another Sony tablet, codenamed SGPT1311, that has recently passed through the FCC. The SGP start of the codename is in line with the codenames of the Sony Tablet S and Tablet P. According to the filing, the device has been approved for Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular connectivity. Whether cellular connectivity means “only” 3G or the blazing-fast 4G LTE is still unknown. Unfortunately, all we know is that the tablet will have a rectangular form factor, which is hardly a surprise, and is manufactured at Foxconn, which is known to manufacture the iPad as well.┬áThe filing gives us absolutely no information about the specifications about the device. You can take a look at the complete FCC filing here.

We’ll have to wait and see what Sony has in the works. The Tablet S successor and/or the Xperia tablet will likely be launched, along with a slew of mid-range to high-end smartphones, at an unveiling event in Berlin on August 29. ┬áTill then, let the speculation begin!

What are your thoughts? What device do you think the SGPT1311 will be? Are you excited about a tablet release from Sony?

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