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Our best wishes go out to Josh, his family and his neighbors as they deal with a forest fire dangerously close to their homes in California.

Jonathan Feist leads a wildly off topic episode while Joe Hindy, Andrew Grush and Nirave Gondhia help keep the laughs rolling. We eventually get down to the leathery hot mess that is the naming schemes of the X and Z for Sony and Motorola. The Sony Xperia X line, as well as the Lenovo Motorola Moto Z line, offer all the right specs, but you’ll have to listen to find out if we are still underwhelmed with the devices or ready to drop cash on these new phones. In the final moments, Joe is allowed to address the somewhat ridiculous idea that the Android app market is in decline, come analyze some data with us.

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Recorded on June 23th, 2016 – Hosted by Jonathan Feist on behalf of Joshua Vergara.

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