Paranoid Android 4.6 BETA 5 (Playful Pitaya) is here, brings DSB tweak

paranoid android 4.6 beta 5

The Paranoid Android team is on a steady release schedule, with new beta releases coming every one or two weeks. We haven’t got big new features for a while now, but that’s understandable given that PA 4.6 is maturing nicely. That means we get to write fewer existing blog posts, but on the flip side each new beta adds polish and stability to the popular custom ROM project.

Fresh off the compiler, Paranoid Android 4.6 Beta 5 Playful Pitaya brings more tweaks to the Dynamic System Bars and other features, as well as a setting for fine tuning the battery consumption levels of DSB.

The feature, which the PA team warns is experimental and could go away in future releases, lets advanced users play with the speed of DSB refreshing. Changing the default value to higher numbers will result in faster operation, at the potential cost of increased battery consumption. Details on how to change the setting can be found here.

Besides the addition of the DSB frequency setting, PA 4.6 Beta 5 brings general “hardening” of DSB, improved flow for bar transitions, some changes to the theme system, and tweaks to OnePlus One specific code.

As always, PA 4.5 Beta 5 Playful Pitaya is available for download for modern Nexus devices (including Galaxy Nexus), the OnePlus One, and the Oppo Find 7. Builds for other devices will eventually be available on the legacy page.

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