Pandigital eReader for sale at Coscto – $159

I was browsing Costco for christmas gifts the other day, and I happened upon the Pandigital eReader. Backed by Android, this device sets itself apart from most other tablets by calling itself an eReader, and looking slightly more like a 4:3 screen instead of a 16:9. The screen is responsive, most of the time, but it’s fairly slow to load programs. It comes with the Kobo book store and that in itself worked very well. Reading books on it based on its size and weight would actually probably be quite nice, and of course it has the ability to play music, browse the web, and watch videos too. For the price, I’m sure you’ll be happy with this basic tablet, but keep in mind this is the black color lcd version, not the epaper version, meaning it has 128mb of memory onboard.

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