Page expands Sundar Pichai’s responsibility to nearly all core Google products

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If a new report from Re/Code proves correct, Google is making a pretty significant leadership change by placing Sundar Pichai as the head of nearly all of Google’s core products. The news of this change comes from “sources close to the situation” and cites a new staff memo that says Larry Page will be stepping of the way to focus on the “bigger picture”, as he feels that it’s too hard to do so with all the “many reports and a myriad of duties related to each product unit.”

With this change Sundar Pichai will be taking on considerably more responsibility by not only continuing to lead the efforts for Android, Chrome and Google Apps but also adding search, maps, research, G+, commerce and infrastructure to the plate. The executives in charge of the above mentioned areas previously reported directly to Page but will now instead report to Pichai. While Re/Code’s sources say the move doesn’t necessarily make him “heir apparent” to page, it’s obvious that Sundar is a star on the rise, and this latest move shows just how much faith the company puts in him.

Of course the re-positioning doesn’t take all the burden away from Page, who will still be responsible for business and operations, access and energy, Nest, Calico,corporate development, legal, finance and business, and even Google X. Youtube will also remain under the control of CEO Susan Wojcicki, who will still report to Page.

What do you think of the change, have you been happy with Android and Chrome’s direction since he assumed leadership in both positions? When the day comes for Larry Page to retire, do you think Pichai would make a good candidate for replacement?

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