OpenFeint Anticipation

A dedicated online game network will soon appear on Android devices. OpenFeint has announced its plans to bring its online scoring system to thousands of Android game titles. This continues a growing trend around game options, even beyond the Android Market. Here are some of the top games of the week, both in and outside of the Android Market storefront.

Beyond the Android Market

OpenFeint’s online game network is making its way to Android devices along with loads offree titles to play. With partners such as Glu, Digital Chocolate and Rocketcat Games,you’ll have your pick of every game category. Social and fun, OpenFeint’s Android intentions help validate Google’s mobile platform.

Gameloft decided to offer its games outside of the Android Market, making it a little trickier to reload premium titles. Not to worry; Gameloft has enabled users to reload purchased games at no additional charge. The update to Gameloft’s DRM policies is promising for platforms circumventing the Android Market, with protection for favorites like Asphalt 5 and Let’s Golf!

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Empire expansion

Create a space empire, then defend it in this intergalactic tower defense game. Space STG gives you the resources you need to build economies and bulk up your ship defenses, using nuclear missiles and probes to protect your outer space kingdom. For about $3, the upcoming full version of the strategy game puts a fun twist on the genre.

Battleflood has soared in popularity this week, with a condensed version of your tower defense concept. Expand your empire grid by amassing land similar in color to yourown, warding off the encroaching enemy color gems. Quick in play, the $1.99 game is like minesweeper, with more entertaining strategy involved.

Puzzles and more

Prism 3D drops you smack-dab in the middle of a multifaceted maze, giving you a dizzying array of obstacles to get through. Twist and turn your phone to get the ball intothe correct boxes, taking care not to drop or bounce it in the wrong direction. For about $3 you get a level editor, a global leaderboard and infinite game-play mode.

Traffic Rush, a free game that requires you to get your car safely across the street, has seen an upswing this week. Look out for cross-traffic and other street-crossing impediments as you tap the screen to control your car’s movements.

LogicPic has updated its 99-cent game to include over 100 new built-in puzzles, all of which can be played at varying levels of difficulty. The paint-by-numbers game is simple but effective—correspond game tiles with number clues in order to reveal thehidden image. If you’re one for variety puzzle books, this game is for you.

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