OnePlus hints at a new set of headphones coming on Aug. 25

OnePlus is spinning some new hype to raise interest ahead of another product launch. The company unveiled a teaser video today that strongly implies you’ll have another choice when looking for a new set of headphones.

The YouTube video, which features some groovy disco music, a spinning disc, and a concluding message to “tune in on 8.25.2016,” gives prominent placement to what looks like a stylish, new earbud right in the middle of the screen.

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OnePlus isn’t a newcomer to the world of music accessories. The company currently sells the OnePlus Icons. These earbuds are composed of sleek aluminum, which gives them a modern, metallic look without the weight of metal. In addition, OnePlus offers the budget-friendly Silver Bullets. The latter is out of stock, which might indicate whatever’s coming is the replacement.

The latest signature phone, the OnePlus 3, has only been out for a couple of months. So it’s very unlikely this announcement is another smartphone. The company tends to up the weirdness scale for those types of launches, such as when it gave away VR headsets so you could buy the OnePlus 3 from a virtual spaceship.

The unveiling is set for Aug. 25, so whatever they’re planning you can be sure OnePlus will crank up the theatrics. Stay tuned.

Post written by Derek Walters.

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