Olivetti Olipad 100 gets unboxed and handled in italiano (video)

Olivetti Olipad 100 gets unboxed and handled in italiano (video)

If the extent of your mastery of the Italian language entails adding an unnecessary “a” after every other word and gesticulating with your hands, like Jen in that episode of The I.T. Crowd, you may not get a lot from the nine minute and 39 second video below. Still, it’s worth at least a quick look. It’s an unboxing and hands-on of the Olivetti Olipad 100, including an extensive display of the customized interface that sits atop Android and, honestly, doesn’t look half bad. Performance, driven by an ARM Cortex A9, looks quite good on this €394 tablet, which works out to about $550. For the rest of the detailed impressions you’ll have to drop your former pen-pal in Florence a line and see if she can translate for you, then you can lament about how you just can’t get good carbonara in the States.

Video after the break.

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