Nyko Cygnus Bluetooth controller offers a quality gaming experience for a mere $24.99


Smartphones have changed the way we look at gaming. In a way, they have become tiny consoles we carry around all the time, but it is undeniable touch controls are ever going to be at the same level as real gamepads.

For Android users, one of the most common brands to check out when shopping for a good controller is Nyko. Today they have a very nifty accessory to announce. They call it the Nyko Cygnus, and it’s only $24.99!

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One would think $24.99 doesn’t get anyone too far in the game, but the Nyko Cygnus is actually a very good deal. It won’t be winning any awards or impress you with premium materials, but it does feature a full sized design that includes every button you could need. To make matters more interesting, it does have full Bluetooth 3.0 capabilities. And since it supports Google’s Android HID standard, there’s plenty of games supporting it.


Awesome games: 

Now, how did Nyko manage to make the Cygnus so affordable? Some sacrifices were definitely made. One of them is the lack of an integrated rechargeable battery. Instead, this controller is powered by a couple AA batteries. Yes, this is a bit annoying, but the unit is only $24.99! Plus, you can always power it by plugging it in via the microUSB port.

Interested? You can get the Nyko Cygnus straight from Amazon for only $24.99. Go ahead and sign up! Using an actual controller really changes everything when it comes to mobile gaming. You will never be able to go back to touch controls again!

Buy Nyko Cygnus from Amazon!

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