Nexus 6 devices aren’t working on T-Mobile for some reason (UPDATE: fixed!)

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Update – August 9, 2016: We have good news for all those Nexus 6 users experiencing data issues. A Google employee named Orrin has taken it to the Nexus Help Forum to inform us that the issue at hand has been fixed.

It seems the problem was related to GPS problems and has been corrected from the back end. Those still experiencing problems are advised to restart their devices. Happy browsing! 

Original – August 4, 2016: In a turn of events that’s frustrating Nexus fans across the nation, T-Mobile’s LTE network has suddenly stopped working with many Nexus 6 devices. T-Mobile has acknowledged that the problem exists and announced that they’re looking for a solution, but so far nobody really knows why this is happening.

This isn’t the first time the Nexus 6 has had a dodgy time on the ‘Uncarrier’s 4G network. Although it was recently proven that T-Mobile has the fastest LTE speeds in the nation, Nexus 6 users have had a consistently spotty experience with the network.

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This latest instance of coverage suddenly cutting out without warning doesn’t seem to follow any rhyme or reason. It’s not associated with any recent updates, and the best T-Mobile reps can do is encourage those experiencing the problem by manually updating their device via Wi-Fi. However, most who have tried this are reporting that their problems with LTE coverage return after too long.

Whatever that fix entails, it may not arrive until Monday

T-Mobile claims that the issue isn’t solely affecting their network, and that they are working with Google to come up with a fix. Whatever that fix entails, it may not arrive until Monday, leaving some Nexus 6 owners stranded without wireless coverage for the weekend.

What are your thoughts regarding this upset in data? Are you a T-Mobile user affected by sudden loss of service on your Nexus 6? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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