New Tablet Added to Store (Update)

Just added the Telechips Android Tablet to the store last night. This one comes with Android 2.1, finally! Sporting a Telechips CPU running at 720mhz, and packing 256mb of memory, it will definitely let you do what you want to do when it comes to gaming and surfing the net. It looks very similar to the aPad, even down to the positioning of the ports (yes, it does come with 2 USB ports, as well as a microSD and headphone jack). Plastic finish only with this one. The marketplace is included in this one, too, meaning you’re only a few clicks away from your favorite applications. Still priced 20% less than other stores (shipping is included, of course).

Update: I’ve also had several people ask about cases – so after doing a little inquiring, I was able to secure both soft and leather cases in limited supply. Not all colours are available, but we will update as soon as we get more. Buy them with your order or separately, your choice! Thanks again everyone!

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