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Highlights of the week in the world of Android: the new LG V20 looks very promising, the Note 7 drama is unfolding, the iPhone 7 left us unfazed, and an all-angle look at the new Pixel phone.

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10 Android stories we handpicked for you

Why it might be a wise idea to delay buying a Galaxy S7 Edge right now That’s because the Note 7 recall could flood the market with affordable refurbished phones.

LG V20 hands-on: a premium phone that will delight audiophiles The V20 is here and we have all the details. See what we love, and what we dislike, about LG’s latest.

LG V20 drop test: this is what it takes to break it LG’s V20 is one sturdy phone. The drops this phone can withstand will surprise you.

Refurbished phones: what you need to know Are refurbished phones safe? Where you should you buy them from? Are they worth it? We have answers to your questions.

Best of IFA 2016: From Android to Audio & Computing IFA 2016 is a wrap. These are the highlights from Europe’s largest tech trade show.

How will the iPhone 7 change Android smartphones? The iPhone 7 is here, and, truth is, it’s not that spectacular. Still, how will it impact Android?

Spec Showdown: iPhone 7 vs the Android competition We pitch the new iPhones against the best Android devices out there. See the results.

Samsung might drop the flat-screen display for the Galaxy S8 Do you like curved screens? We hope you do, because Samsung is doubling down on them.

Apple takes a risk on audio, but do we really believe the claims? Apple said it needed “courage” to drop the 3.5mm jack from the new iPhone. We have our doubts.

HTC Nexus ‘Sailfish’ exclusive: new renders & 360-degree video This is the HTC-made Google Pixel, from all angles.

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