Motorola VerveLife headphones detailed on Amazon, launching tomorrow


Remember those VerveLife products we talked about last February? If you don’t, these are uniquely branded Motorola products meant to enhance your mobile experience. Their offers include headphones, a camera and an activity tracker. We knew pretty much all about them, except for a release date and price point… which are being revealed today.

Some of these products have shown up on Amazon, including the Motorola Verve Loop+, Verve Rider, Verve Ones and Verve Ones+. This doesn’t mean much by now, as the products have been marked as “currently unavailable”. These accessories were available for pre-order earlier, though, which means reports of the prices and release dates have started spreading.

Let’s take a look at the prices:

  • Motorola Verve Rider: $69
  • Motorola Verve Loop+: $79
  • Motorola Verve Ones: $199
  • Motorola Verve Ones+: $249


If all of this information proves to be real, these should be launching tomorrow (June 14th). We wouldn’t hold our breath on any of this info, though. It is certainly more reliable information than vague leaks and rumors, but nothing is official just yet.

But why are these products so different? That’s because they aren’t exactly made by Motorola, though they were probably monitoring the development closely. These headphones are made by Binatone, which acquired licensing rights to Motorola’s design, branding and development. So if it seems like these are gadgets Motorola wouldn’t make… your gut instinct would be right.

More details should show up soon. Until then, hit the comments and let us know if you will be buying any of these. They are actually quite interesting!

Motorola Verve Rider on AmazonMotorola Verve Loop+ on AmazonMotorola Verve Ones on AmazonMotorola Verve Ones+ on Amazon

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