Microsoft Exchange tasks are now available on Gmail app

Google has announced that its Gmail app now supports Microsoft Exchange tasks so that everything is unified in one place, ready to go.

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September 2, 2016

If you remember, Google made a pretty big announcement last year when it brought Microsoft Exchange support to the Gmail app: many businesses rely on Microsoft’s email server, so users would often have to have two different apps, which can get inconvenient. Google acknowledged the issue and made sure to include Microsoft Exchange in the list of email services it supports.

Well, today, Google is further integrating Microsoft Exchange’s features into its Gmail platform. Your Gmail can now sync your Exchange tasks so that you can view everything you need to do in one place. There, you can swipe to complete a task, edit its date or priority, create one, or even flag an email as a to-do for later. According to Google, this productivity boost can be a familiar way to integrate work and personal businesses into one app:

Since the Gmail app interface is both intuitive and familiar, Android users who want to manage their tasks from Exchange won’t need to re-learn anything. With a unified tasks list, we’ve made it easy for you to focus on your important tasks and check things off the list once you’re done. The simple swipe to mark as complete can be just as rewarding.

Do you use Exchange tasks often? Will this Gmail integration be useful for you? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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