Microsoft ad compares Surface RT to Galaxy Tab 3, guess who wins

Microsoft isn’t above some good old-fashioned negative advertising, as the Scroogled campaign without doubt.

Just this week, Microsoft sent Google fans into a tizzy with a commercial starring the characters from reality TV show Pawn Stars, explaining a naïve customer how Chromebooks aren’t “real laptops”.

Now the Redmond-based company is pushing an ad that compares a Microsoft device with a competing product in a very specific area: connectivity. The ad explains how the Galaxy Tab 3 can only connect to external displays and other devices through additional connectors, though, ironically, the Surface RT itself needs an adapter to connect to a display, as the small disclaimer in the ad confirms.

The conclusion is simple – the Microsoft Surface RT has a full-size USB port, so it’s the better product. That might be true for some users, but the ad skirts the many other aspects that define the tablet experience, from portability to apps and performance.

As part of the same series of commercials, Microsoft also compared the Surface 2 with the iPad Air, with the Windows-powered device coming on top thanks to its support for hands free control and multiple user accounts.

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