Marvel Avengers Academy will fly into the Play Store early next year

Captain America: Civil War isn’t scheduled to hit the big screen until May of 2016, but perhaps this upcoming game from Marvel will help tide you over until then. Marvel and mobile game developer TinyCo are planning to release a new game for Android and iOS called Avengers Academy, which will bring your favorite superheroes back to their college years.

Avengers Academy will be an adventure/sim title, where you’ll get to unlock young versions of the Avengers, help them grow and gain new superpowers, and help them get through their social lives by going on dates, training to become a superhero, and interacting with other characters. You can even customize the school itself by molding and shaping it depending on how your characters improve in each area.

Black Widow

Marvel Avengers Academy will be available as a free download with in-app purchases for Android and iOS devices sometime in Q1 2016. We aren’t sure of an exact date quite yet, but we’ll let you know once we get more information. While you’re waiting, feel free to head to the TinyCo link attached below to get some more information about Marvel Avengers Academy.

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