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Logging Quest 2 review

What is Logging Quest 2?

Logging Quest 2 is an idle, text-based RPG. An idle RPG means that you don’t have to pay attention to the game to play it which makes it the ultimate game for lazy people. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store with a 4.5 rating.

Here’s how the game works. You build a party, equip them, and level them up just like you would any normal RPG. However, instead of going dungeon crawling for experience and gold or playing through a story line, you instead send them on missions for a set amount of time. Then you put your phone away, pull it out later, and see the result of the quest. You’ll automatically fight bad guys, collect hidden treasures, and explore areas without having to lift one finger.

Fans of text-based RPGs will enjoy this because that is essentially what it is. People who enjoy the managerial aspect of RPGs but not the dungeon crawling part will also enjoy Logging Quest 2. You’ll have to make sure your characters level up and learn new skills so their development is still totally under your control. You’ll also have to make sure they take things like healing potions with them because they can die if you don’t.

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The ultimate quest you don’t actually have to do.

  • It’s an idle RPG which means you can send your heroes on boring dungeon crawls but you don’t have to go with them.
  • It still keeps the managerial aspects of RPGs so you can raise your characters how you see fit.
  • Free in the Google Play Store.
  • Fans of text-based adventures will like this.
  • Plenty of weapons, potions, abilities, and character combinations.
  • If you dislike text-based adventures, RPGs, or idle games where you don’t have to do anything, you won’t like this.
  • There have been issues with the translation so it may not be perfect.

Idle games are difficult to recommend one way or another because of their nature. Some will find this a pleasant way to pass some time while others will hate that there is no action or adventuring to speak of. If it looks interesting, give it a shot because it is free but do remember what kind of game you’re getting here.

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