LG Tone Studio begins its worldwide rollout, with US launch due in March

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Earlier this year at CES 2017, we got a chance to go hands-on with the upcoming LG Tone Studio wireless headphones. Today, the company announced that its latest headphones have begun its worldwide rollout. It will begin this week in the Middle Eastern markets, followed by a launch in North America sometime before the end of March.

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As with previous entries in the LG Tone series, the new Studio model has been designed so that the main body wraps around the neck of the owner. They also have┬áretractable earbuds for when you want to listen to music or your favorite podcast without disturbing anyone. The Studio model’s main new feature are its speaker grills that are built into its case, so you, and others, can listen to your tunes without the need of the earphones.

The LG Tone Studio actually has four external speakers. Two of them are placed so they are below the owner’s ears, while the other two are placed near the collarbone and vibrate. The headphones can also link to another set, via LG’s Dual Play feature, so that both can listen to the same audio source.

After the LG Tone Studio launches in the Middle East and North America, the headphones will go on sale in Asian and Latin American markets in April, followed by its European launch in May. LG has still not revealed the price tag for the LG Tone Studio, but with its US launch close at hand, it won’t be long before we get that important detail out of the way.

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