LG G6 owners: Netflix adding HDR and Dolby Vision content “soon”

Netflix has revealed the LG G6 will be the first device supported with HDR and Dolby Vision content when version 5.0 of the Netflix app lands in the near future. For reasons unknown the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not listed, despite its Mobile HDR Premium certification. Netflix isn’t saying exactly when v5 of its app is landing, but does say it’s “coming soon”.

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April 4, 2017

The LG G6 supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision, two competing visions of what HDR standards should be. The Galaxy S8 also has an HDR10 compliant display with a Mobile HDR Premium certification from the UHD Alliance (of which Netflix is a member). The only problem with these two devices is that no one currently has any HDR content available for them.

With any luck, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon will always support Dolby Vision and HDR10 alongside one another so it won’t matter which particular definition of HDR your OEM of choice opts to support. It’s worth mentioning too that both standards are largely compatible (even if Dolby Vision is better). But to support Dolby Vision an OEM needs to pay Dolby licensing fees to include the necessary hardware in their device, meaning it will never be as widespread as HDR10.


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