Lenovo’s new Android tablets are ready for kids and workers

If it wasn’t already clear that Lenovo is trying to cover every conceivable tablet niche, it is now. The tech giant has just introduced Tab 4 and Tab 4 Plus models that theoretically please everyone on a budget, ranging from parents to the productivity-minded. The 8- and 10-inch editions in each range can use an optional Kids Pack (a shock-resistant case, screen protectors and a blue light filter) to ready themselves for your little one’s playtime. Suddenly, Amazon’s Fire HD Kids tablets have fresh competition. And if you spring for one of the 10-inch tablets, there’s a Productivity Pack whose Bluetooth keyboard and matching case automatically switch you to a work-oriented mode. No one will mistake the combo for a Surface, but it should be enough to get some quick office work done.

Source: Lenovo

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