Lenovo S2 Tablet: Hands On with Video

Here we are again, with pictures of Lenovo’s Android-powered S2 tablet. This is Lenovo’s first Android-powered tablet, and earlier we brought you a hands-on of Lenovo’s first Android-powered smartphone. It looks pretty good, and for those of you who may have missed the announcement earlier this week we have the specs listed below for you.

  • 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 8960 dual-core Processor
  • Lenovo’s Mondrian custom version of Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 10.1-inch 1280×800 IPS Display
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB/32GB/64GB Internal Storage
  • Wifi and 3G Connectivity
  • micro USB, micro SD, Micro HDMI ports
  • 5MP rear camera and 1.3MP front facing camera
  • Integrated keyboard dock also available

Pretty good specs from Lenovo, am I wrong? And look at that, it launches with Ice Cream Sandwich which means it’s the first tablet we have seen that is said to launch with ICS already installed. You may remember that the Transformer Prime got it’s Android 4.0 update yesterday, but it didn’t launch with ICS, so Lenovo has ASUS beat there. Now on to the gallery of pictures.

Special Thanks to Darcy LaCouvee, Android Authority’s Founder, for sending us these pictures from CES.

DPP_0088 DPP_0008 DPP_0009 DPP_0010 DPP_0011 DPP_0012 DPP_0013 DPP_0014 DPP_0032 DPP_0033 DPP_0034 DPP_0035 DPP_0036 DPP_0037 DPP_0038 DPP_0087 DPP_0089 DPP_0090 DPP_0091 DPP_0092 DPP_0093 DPP_0094 DPP_0095

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