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It looks like Lenovo is going to be the first company to launch a consumer-grade Google Project Tango device on the open market. At CES 2016, the company announced that this summer would see them being the first company to showcase the full utility of Google’s Project Tango on the commercial market.

So far, we don’t know much about the specs of this Lenovo device, but we’re expecting it to be less than 6.5 inches on the diagonal, according to Lenovo spokespersons. What we do know is that developers in excess of 5,000 in number are already at their keyboards, involving themselves in the work of making this camera technology a reality.Their progress in augmented reality and virtual reality through the Tango Project has been frankly unprecedented.

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Project Tango is an elaborate system of technologies that integrates computer vision, image processing, and vision sensors unique to the device on which they work. With the capabilities brought to the table by Project Tango, we’re expecting a completely new era of AR and VR that actively infuses digitally created models with actual physical realities. Because of the success in this market, it should be no surprise that analysts expect augmented reality to become a $120 billion market by 2020. However, it is first necessary for the platform for which these projects are to exist to be viable.  This is where Google comes in.

At the same time Lenovo is showcasing it’s Google-partnered AR-friendly technology, Google is demoing tech that encourages devs to invest in these burgeoning fields of augmented reality and virtual reality. In a demonstration of Project Tango’s technology, a Google representative demonstrated the tech’s ability to not only maintain an accurate interpretation of his own location, but also to suss out the location of the bathroom and provide a Fable-esque mission-objective trail to the appropriate room. Pretty impressive, all things considered.

What are your thoughts regarding Google and Lenovo’s new all-aware environment analysis system capabilities? Is this going to be default for technology going forward, or have they fundamentally transgressed a sense of individual privacy? Let us know your opinion in the comments, and don’t forget to click the button below for all our CES coverage!

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