Learning to code is now cheaper than you think

Online courses can cost a pretty penny. If you want to learn how to play the create 3D animations, design websites, or program your own apps, you’re going to have to shell out hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to get a comprehensive education.

Now, that might sound like a deal for someone coming out of formal academia, where debt regularly goes into six figures. However, for the down-to-earth tech enthusiast who is more interested in learning a valuable trade than studying Shakespeare ad nauseum, several hundred dollars still looks pretty rough.

Fortunately, learning how to code is cheaper now than it’s ever been. The Machine Learning with Python course normally goes for $649 and sports 9 comprehensive courses including an e-book.

For a limited time, this curriculum is available for a staggering 92 percent off, dropping the price to just $49.

The Machine Learning with Python course normally goes for $649

What makes this bundle great is that it has coursework that walks users through the beginning stages of Python all the way up through the more technical realms of machine learning and AI. That means that users of all skill levels can get value out of this course set: from total noobs to Python enthusiasts looking to up their machine learning game.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, you can read more about the specific courses that are offered right over here. Individually they range in value from $72 to $133, but if you grab them all together, you only pay $49.

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