Kobo Reader App for Android Now Available

Kobo is positioning to be a major player in the e-book world, with an electronic reader, apps for major platforms and deals with major booksellers. Today Kobo has launched the reader app for the Android platform, bringing the ability to read e-books purchased form the Kobo store to that platform. The Kobo app is competitive with the readers from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as it allows reading books on multiple devices like the competition.

The user of the new Kobo app can access the online bookshelf, and download books to the device. The online bookshelf is synced with each device the user has, keeping the library updated at all times. Buy a book at the online store, and it’s waiting on the device the next time the app is run. Bookmarks are synced across all Kobo devices in similar fashion as on the Kindle and Nook, so it’s possible to read a book on multiple devices and always be at the last position.

Kobo for Android is free and is available in the Android Market. Kobo is now available on more platforms than any other reader, making them a force to reckoned with in the e-book sector.

Yes, that is an iPad in the picture, but you can imagine it being an Android tablet, right?

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  • Fmikemiller


    Attention to all internet companies.

    Unlike the possible majority of young internet/ephone/etc users, I am an older person who refuses to be ripped off by the mind numbing and intrusive advent of electronic media. To me a phone is still a phone and a computer is still a computer, to be used for my purpose and advantage and not for the financial advantage of multi-nationals and greedy shareholders and non-descript advertisers who really add no value to anything.

    Enough is enough guys. The internet has become a hydra monster with way too many heads.

    Unfortunately, nothing is simple anymore and everything carries a cost, often hidden.

    Just remember, the world has an ageing population and very soon the younger market will be in the older demographic.

    Anyway, to my point…. Why can’t I find and download a simple “Free” application loike KOBO without multiple attempts to entice me into other programs and products.

    No wonder I don’t like using the internet…..enough is enough.

    A genuine person.