Kellogg’s giving away free VR headsets with Nutri-Grain box purchase


Surely, we all remember foraging for the ideal cereal box, back when our main concern was finding the best toy or fun puzzle we could get from these packages. Fast-forward to 2015 and VR technology is all the hype, which is why any tech geek would be a fan of Kellogg’s latest offering. They are giving away free do-it-yourself VR headsets!

New Zealanders purchasing Nutri-Grain cereal can now get the chance to turn their boxes into full-fledged VR goggles. Folding and cut-out instructions are to be found on the inner side of the box. A separate section, which contains the glasses, is also located within the packaging. With a little assembling and some tape, customers can put the apparatus together and stick their phone inside the headset for a full VR experience.


Scanning a QR code will then lead you to the NG Bolt app in the Google Play Store or Apple App store, where you will find 3 fun 3D videos to view on your newly made accessory. The content includes wingsuit flight, mountain bike riding and longboard clips.

Needless to say, this is very similar to Cardboard headsets, so it’s more than likely you can also use these with Google’s partners’ VR goggles. There’s no way we can test this, as we are nowhere close to New Zealand, but if you are in said country and happen to find one of these at your local stores, please do go ahead and tell us your experiences in the comments.

There’s also a wide range of awesome Google Cardboard headsets at the Search Giant’s official page. Some of these very intricate, made of plastic and offering better build quality. They can get pricey, though, which is why we also recommend the cardboard ones. Or you could look for the free offers that often show up online. Conan O’Brien was giving away some free ones not so long ago, and I believe porn site Naughty America is still sponsoring its own.

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