JooJoo to Receive OS and Software Updates

We have yet to get our hands on a JooJoo Tablet, and have been told for a while now that they are very limited in the number they have been able to give out for review. We can understand that considering Fusion Garage is a very small company. Before I go any further into this article, I want to quickly point out that this tablet is not an Android tablet. The tablet is based off the Linux kernel with their own custom GUI built over the top of it.

You may be asking why we are even doing a review on a tablet that isn’t Android based. Well to be frank, though we report mostly on Android devices, from time to time new things spark our interest and we think they may be of interest to you as well. So we have been scouring the internet in search of some good reviews on the tablet. Unfortunately the news on the JooJoo tablet hasn’t been good. Complaints seems to be pouring in regarding the responsiveness of the device along with the capabilities of it’s video playback, specifically Flash.

Today we received a call from a rep from Fusion Garage regarding us getting our hands on one of these babies sometime in the year 2010. On top of the good news that we should be receiving one shortly for review, we also received news that the reason for the long delay has been due to the big upgrades that are taking place right now. According to their rep, these upgrades will address issues with the responsiveness of the OS and GUI itself, along with addressing the issues with Flash.

We have to say we are looking forward to the arrival of the updated JooJoo tablet and as soon as we receive it we will have a video of it up here on DroidedUp. Stayed tuned folks as this will give us another device to compare against the long line of anticipated Android tablets due out this year.

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